Frequent Nightmares When Pregnant, What It Means

During pregnancy, some mothers have nightmares. Starting from the dream of meeting strange people, ghosts, extraterrestrials, swimming in the sea, until locked in a room. Though usually never do that. Some other pregnant women experience unusual dreams, such as building or talking to animals. There are also those who dream of having an accident, undergoing childbirth but the baby does not want to come out, some even dream of her husband having an affair with another woman. So, what causes frequent nightmares during pregnancy? What exactly does the dream mean, bad or good? Causes of Nightmares According to research, at least a third of pregnant women dream about their unborn baby, pregnancy, and childbirth. In early pregnancy, you may dream a lot about fetal development. While at the end of pregnancy more about caring for babies. Mother, not only physical changes, pregnant women also experience psychological changes. One of them appears in the pattern of sleep during pregnancy, i
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